Sunday, February 13, 2011

You can't get lost if you don't know where you're going

I miss Charleston. It's strange how you can miss a place so much, but I really do. I miss the beaches, I miss downtown, I even miss the ridiculously rainy days. At the end of last year I was so excited to move back. I had it all planned out. How I would save money, when I would look for places.. it was gonna be great. Then life happened. Which was not so great. I'm still planning on moving back, eventually. But it's almost depressing to think that I should already be there. I guess everything happens for a reason, though. There has to still be something for me here.

I think I need something to keep me busy, well busy when I'm not busy. A new project. One that's not a boy for a change. I need something that makes me feel.. alive, as weird as it sounds. Ideas?

I've been thinking a lot about volunteering. The only thing I've been lacking is time. But with this (hopefully) new job I should have a little more time. Or at least be less stressed and tired all the time. Anyway, I think helping someone else would really end up helping me in a lot of ways.

I have way too much on my mind right now..


  1. I'm considering it! :)

    I don't know who would trust me to influence their child though.. haha!