Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crafty Kathy

If you're looking for an entertaining post, I'm gonna go ahead and warn you, this is not it. After the first paragraph it's pretty much directed at anyone on my level of nerd. My advice would be check back when you see a new post with a bitchy title.. or read on, but you've been warned :)

Today wasn't an extremely productive day. I got an invite to play "sloshball" and actually thought about it. Apparently it's like baseball. Except you buy a keg and you play with a wiffle ball. You run with your full cup of beer and have to finish it by the time you make it home. So, basically, it's nothing like baseball. Man, sometimes I love living in a college town. I didn't end up going though. Probably for the best. Tomorrow will also be 2 WEEKS SOBER for this kid and I'm not sure drunken running is anything I need to be remotely involved in. I have a mini adventure planned for tomorrow, so I figured I'd get some things done that I've been putting off.

I finally got around to making my "inspiration board". What is an inspiration board? Exactly what it sounds like. A board that you put newspaper clippings, pictures, ideas on.. really anything that, well, inspires you. When I first decided to do it, I figured I'd just buy a plain cork board and put up some motivational quotes and pictures of design ideas I wanted to try in my apartment. But when I actually got around to doing it, I decided I wanted to do it a little differently. Partly because I like to put my own twist on things and partly because I decided I'd put it in my bedroom and I wanted it to kinda double as art.

I was really excited when I found these:

It's still cork, but in squares instead of just a plain board. When I bought them I thought they were about an inch and a half thick. So I decided to buy 2 and put them side by side, then if I wanted more later I'd just buy more. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find that it wasn't just one piece, but 4 thin pieces of cork (even though it says, right on the FRONT of the package, 4 pack.. sometimes I think these blonde moments will never end..) Needless to say, I was pretty excited. Except that now I have 8 pieces and I really only want 4. Anyway, they even come with these little adhesive strips to put them up on the wall. All for like 6 bucks at Walmart! If you're a design/decorating nerd like me, you understand my excitement. I put some music on, sat down with a stack of magazines and some scissors, and went to work!

I decided to make each one for something different. One for work schedules, important reminders, and to-do lists, one for design ideas and new things I wanna try, another for quotes, sayings, and books I'd like to read, and the last one for random sketches and ideas. I realize I'm easily amused, but I 'm really excited that I started this. Hopefully it'll lead to more productive free time. It's also good that it's in my bedroom since I'm still looking for pieces of bedroom furniture/art. I can put pictures up, next to the paint color on my wall, and decide over a few days if I think something will look good in my room. I'm not totally done yet but they're up and it's a start :)

I didn't make any progress in the "crazy" department today. But I did accomplish something I've been wanting to do and manage to entertain myself for a while. Besides, there's always tonight for crazy :)

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