Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is this real life?

Ohhh my gosh! Second day of working 10 hours with no break.. is it really only Tuesday? Short day tomorrow and I. CAN'T. WAIT!

On an extremely happy note.. I MIGHT be getting another job again. I know, I just got this one.. but I'll be making WAY more money, working less hours, and NO BABIES. What whaaaat! Much, much thanks to Amanda, my hero of the week!

Today wasn't terrible but that news definitely put me in a better mood. I actually managed to get a little sleep last night so today didn't seem to last forever. Well, yeah it did.. but at least I wasn't practically falling asleep all day. I'll probably be up all night tonight since I slept so much. I also kinda don't care if I'm tired tomorrow since I only work like 4.5 hours at one job, then drive to another one (which I can totally do nothing at) and actually have a calm day. I'm still sick but I'm happy so I don't even care.

I'm thinking about adding videos to my blog. When my life actually gets interesting again, obviously.

So, obviously that was on Tuesday. What a shittastic couple of days this has been. On Tuesday night, I got sick. VERY sick. Luckily, I have a great mom (who drives me ABSOLUTELY insane) that realizes what a huge baby I turn into when I'm sick. After throwing up for 2 hours and me passing out on the bathroom floor, she drove an hour to come take care of me. After 6 more hours of throwing up, we chalked it up to food poisoning and suffered through the next day.

I haven't been to work in 2 days, which has been nice but also kinda sucks. I'm dreading going in tomorrow. Especially since I think I'll have to tell my boss I got another job. This has been a rough week, I'm so glad it's almost over. Jersey shore tonight with the crew, I need this :)

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