Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brand new

Today is a new day. Yesterday's problems are gone, though not forgotten, and I'm determined to find something to be positive about. The fact that today is Wednesday, halfway through the week, is a good start. Also, tomorrow is Thursday.. payday and one day closer to Friday. I thought this week would be the hardest week of work by far, just because all of the days have been long hour days. Honestly, though, if I spend less time bitching and more time in a kind of spaced out, work mode.. before I realize it, the day is halfway over. The down side to that is when I realize the day is halfway over, I start to count down the hours and they seem to pass by a little slower. I've resolved to keep myself busy and avoid looking at the clock when possible. However, I have just failed at that and now know that my day is more than halfway over! 5.5 hours down, 4.5 to go. Then, I'm freeeee to do whatever I want. Within the boundaries of the law of course :)

I guess I'm actually in a pretty decent mood after all. I had a good little pep talk last night from someone who, surprisingly, never fails to make me feel better. I never thought I'd be close with this person but I'm happy, and feel extremely lucky, to have them in my life. Sometimes people can really surprise you I guess.

Although I meant surprise in a good way about that person, people can also surprise you in bad ways. Usually, the people closest to you. I'm really disappointed right now. I realize that people have busy schedules and life sometimes makes it difficult to stay connected on a regular basis. But I'm feeling really, really disconnected right now. What makes it worse is that I think it's more from a lack of concern than a busy schedule. But hey, people are assholes. Maybe this person should be permanently disconnected from my life. I try to be a good friend and do everything possible to always be there for my friends. Too much nice can bite you in the ass sometimes, though. Maybe this is life's way of telling me to stop bending over backwards for people who aren't worth it. Even if it's not.. I'm done.

Even though I'm super tired, I'm feeling really creative lately. I wish I could channel negative energy into just plain energy and get some of the ideas rolling around in my head going. Design is such a great outlet for my moodiness and, more often than not, I'm always happier when I feel like I've accomplished something.

I have hope for today :)

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  1. My favorite sentence about this entire blog is the last one. It's inspirational for some reason :)