Monday, February 28, 2011

Third time's a charm?

Yes, I know, I'm obsessively posting today. My brain is working on overload or something and I can't. stop. thinking! Maybe I should try to write a book, then it would stop.

Anyway, I had a pretty awful day. It started bad, got better, then got worse. Until I came home, ate way too much random food, and walked/ran for like 4 or 5 miles with a friend. I think I vented about everything possible and felt much better. Although I did almost get run over by other people running like 4 times. Did you know it's apparently sidewalk etiquette to yell, "coming up.. on your left/right" to people when you're running? Well, apparently it is. So, now you know.. thank me later. I feel so much better when I actually do something productive with my time. I also sleep like a baby which is SO nice after weeks of 3 hour "naps" in place of sleep. I didn't even go home and scream the f word 40 times like I thought I would. I guess my awful day had an alright end. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, right? Even the awful ones :)

I guess I should get around to the real reason for this post. A friend tagged me in this and I thought I'd share. Lucky you!

There's really nothing to say about it.. pretty much sums itself up. Earlier, I started thinking about my blog. Mainly how much I've changed even since the first couple of posts. Then I realized.. I only started this less than 2 months ago. Have I really changed, grown up, that much in 2 months? Is that even possible? In a way, I don't think this blog has turned out to be what I expected it to. Oddly, I'm really grateful for it. One, because I never realized there are people out there that can actually relate to me on some level, and Two, because really.. who doesn't love to just complain about life sometimes? It's kinda nice to just bitch it out and be done with it. Reading back on it always makes me more thankful for the good days.

If you wasted minutes of your precious life reading this, I apologize :) Happy (almost) Tuesday everyone!

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