Friday, February 18, 2011

Ashes, ashes.. we all fall down

Friday, welcome back! Oh, how I've missed you!

This has been one long, crazy, stressful week. Even though it seemed to drag on forever, looking back I can't remember most of it without it all blurring together. I'm just glad it's over. Yesterday involved more tears and ended in laughter because I just didn't know what else to do. Today basically involved a lot of thinking, "come on 5:30, come on.."

I'm supposed to be taking a test tomorrow at 9:30 a/m for work. Except that you have to pay for it 5 days in advance.. and I forgot to. So now I can't take it for 2 more weeks and I don't get to wake up super early on a Saturday. Oh, bummer :) I don't know how I'll ever get over it..

So, I'm thinking of taking a trip to Tampa tomorrow for some shopping and selfish time. And ending the trip with some crazy time.. but first I'm sleeping in as late as possible. I suddenly got a lot happier :)

I have a three day weekend and I'm determined to get in trouble. Here we go..


  1. Sounds Like you deserve this three day weekend ma. I can relate to the over-thinking.... I wish I could take the time for myself too. Enjoy your weekend ma...NO TEARS :)