Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunshine, butterflies & baby kisses

I realize I've been a total Debbie Downer lately. I promise I'm working on that! Positive outcomes only, think happy, be happy. I'm getting back into a good diet/work out routine and I'd like to add positive thoughts/feelings to that. I mean, I'm pretty happy, I'll admit. I just need more stupid, silly, "what the heck?" -ness in my life. I'm working on that too :)

I've been finding a lot, lot, lot of (only word to really describe it) relief through prayer and scripture. I'm glad that I haven't let negative experiences close me off from God or my faith. If anything, I feel stronger as a Christian now when I'm going through difficult things. God is great.

So, on to positive thoughts/feelings/actions!

I can do this! Who's with me?!

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