Monday, March 7, 2011

"Check your coats and feelings at the door"

Oh Monday.. I was so unprepared for you!

I have had another one of my self realizations. Lately I've been trying so hard to push any negativity aside and see the positive in everything. I've been doing pretty good, better at some times than others, but I would like to be doing pretty great with it. After scrolling through my facebook newsfeed this morning, I realized something.. it's REALLY hard to be positive when you're friends with a bunch of VERY negative people. I kept thinking I needed a break from this town but, let's face it, I need a break from everyone's bad energy.

The last few weeks. I've been getting together with a friend and going for a 4 mile (or so) walk/run. We talk about life, about the past, we laugh and we just enjoy ourselves. Every single time, I go home feeling like a weight has been lifted off of my life. And I think about things. I mean REALLY think about my life, my choices, where I'm at, and what I want. Then, I hang out with friends and waste time and money, and go home feeling empty, like something is missing. I can't help but think maybe it's not about what I'm doing, is about who I'm surrounding myself with. It's almost impossible to be unhappy when you're surrounded by happy people, right?

So this is my little experiment: figure out who makes you happy, figure out what makes you happy, do that and say goodbye to everything else. This year was supposed to be all about a new start for me. Even though it's taken a little longer than I wanted, I'm finally getting there. Whatever happens, I know I'm only gonna be better for it. Because, from here on out, I'm choosing to see only the good in every situation.

In the spirit of spring break, I'm also taking a break from blogging. For 5 days. In this 5 days, I'm (hopefully) going to keep a journal and my next post will be a mashup of everything that happened. I hope something super enlightening happens in those 5 days. Positive outcomes only!

PS: If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, there's a picture you can click on that will take you to the website No Kid Hungry. Please take the pledge to help end child hunger! You can also share the link on Twitter and Facebook by clicking here! Thanks :)

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  1. I'm so proud of you :).

    And glad that I made the happy cut :).

    Let's get together soon, I have a LOT to fill you in on. It's a good 4 miles worth :).