Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving mountains

I had every intention of avoiding the world today. I just expected today to be terrible since something I've been looking forward to, and simultaneously dreading, was happening today. But I'm extremely happy. That feeling of peace, no matter how small at times, seems to keep me pushing through. Things are never as bad as they seem.

Even though I'm still sick I feel better than I have in months! Mostly because I'm catching myself being positive in the hardest situations. For example, I picked up my last check from my previous job and was headed to work when.. the low fuel light came on. I figured I could make it to work and decided to just keep driving (mostly because I was being lazy but also because, as anyone who knows me really well knows, I HATE PUMPING GAS!)

So, yeah, I ran out of gas. In the middle of nowhere. Usually, I'd get so frustrated and pissed off. Even though it was nobody's fault but mine, I would have been mad at the world. Instead, I called someone to help me out. Since it was gonna be a while until they could make it to where I was, I rolled the windows down, turned the music up, and decided to catch up on blogging while I had some free time. Luckily, it's a gorgeous day out :)

In other news.. that person I felt so stupid about letting back in? Yeah, they're back out. Nothing happened really.. I just needed to realize that sometimes there are people you just shouldn't have in your life. I have a feeling it's gonna come down to me ignoring them for a few days before they get the hint. But the past has proven that dealing directly with this person is pointless. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. I feel good about this decision. If I let them stick around it's gonna be a whole lot of me waiting for them to change, no change at all, and disappointment for me. I think I'm good without that. Tonight is our weekly Jersey Shore get together and I'm so looking forward to it. Today is a good day :)


  1. I love that you found positivity in running out of gas. I would have thrown a fit, lol. All of your pictures are adorable by the way! :)

  2. Thank you :)

    I'm trying to find the good in the bad. So far it's working!