Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have made a decision. I've decided what my favorite thing about living by myself is. Thanks to the rainy weather.. my favorite thing about living on my own is.. drumroll.. making hot chocolate and baking cookies in my underwear. Well, while wearing my underwear. I can pretty much do ANYTHING in my underwear since there's no one else here! Yes, I've lived on my own for a while and am just figuring that out. I'm pretty excited about it!

So, next weekend is going to be EPIC. Epic in the super awesome, make everybody who misses out jealous, kinda way. Not the overrated way. There's a possibilty for drama but I'm not even worried about it. We (I'm not sure exactly who "we" is yet) are going to Jacksonville for the Supercross races. I was never really into motorcycles, or motorcycles racing, before. But the first time I went to a race,  it was so awesome that I've been slowly getting more and more into it. It should be a pretty good weekend in general just because of the people who are planning on going. I'm ready for a drama free weekend away from home.

Today I overslept for work by about.. 5 hours. I hate oversleeping! One, because then you have to rush to get ready and always end up going in looking a mess. Two, because you miss hours. I NEED hours! I'm not gonna lie though, that sleep felt pretty good too.

I'm really looking forward to tonight too. I feel like things have slowly been turning around and settling down a little. At least I hope so. I can't take a nervous breakdown at the current moment, I'd have to pencil it in somewhere between work and looking for my mind which I've lost. Anyway, tonight should be great, the weekend has the potential for greatness, and tomorrow's Friday. So, what could possibly go wrong? (Cue the dun dun dun sound effects.. just kidding! :) Positive outcomes only!)

So, the moral of this story is.. don't get hopped up on cookies and hot chocolate then oversleep for work. Because you will have an awesome weekend! Yeah.. I'm gonna keep looking for my mind..


  1. Cookies and hot chocolate sound amazing. I'm jealous of your weekend plans.