Saturday, March 5, 2011

Devil's Advocate

WARNING: This post contains confusing, stupid material and may not be suitable for readers with a short attention span.

First, I'll start with an explanation of the title of this post:

A devil's advocate is someone who, given a certain argument, takes a position he or she does not necessarily agree with, just for the sake of argument. In taking such position, the individual taking on the devil's advocate role seeks to engage others in an argumentative discussion process. The purpose of such process is typically to test the quality of the original argument and identify weaknesses in its structure, and to use such information to either improve or abandon the original, opposing position. It can also refer (less commonly) to someone who takes a stance that is seen as unpopular or unconventional, but is actually another way of arguing a more conventional stance.

Now that you know, in case you didn't already know, what a devil's advocate is I can get to my point. I am playing devil's advocate.. with myself. How is that possible, you ask? Because I am an idiot.

(At this point, I should probably explain that this post originally started on Friday, got interrupted during work, and then my computer decided to be stupid and not let me finish it. So, it is now 6:58 a.m. on Saturday morning and I'm finally getting around to finishing it on my phone. Oh yeah, the stupid warning still applies.)

Lately, I've been in this weird "go with your gut" mood. If you feel something, just act on it, see what happens, right? No! Stupid, stupid, stupid. That doesn't apply in every situation. Somewhere, deep down, I KNEW that I was gonna regret my actions. Yet, I did it anyway. For what? Because I am apparently, for lack of a better word, a dumbass. But you live and learn, right?

Here's where it all started (Friday's horoscope.. I knew I should have stopped reading these things!) :
A small crisis is still a crisis, isn't it, Aries? You can expect one in your personal life today. Since you aren't the kind of person who lets issues go unresolved, you won't be able to put off dealing with your problems any longer. Are responsibilities shared equally with your partner? Are you each making an equal effort to maintain harmony? Asking the questions is the first step to answering them.

I just HAD to drag up ALL those issues. And instead of resolving anything, I just made a *@!?%#$ mess of them! If being complicated was a skill, I'd be bankin right now. I don't really have more to say without getting into great detail. Which I probably should do.. but in this case I think it might just make me feel worse. I'm gonna let my heart take a break from decision making and force my brain to handle things for a while. Brain, get your shit together!

Now I'm awake at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, watching (or listening to) Curious George, wondering what happened to the awesome cartoons from when I was a kid. Man, I wish I was a kid again.. I don't know where this is going anymore..

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