Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pictures & Junk & Stuff

Yayyyyy! After 3 days of no computer and doing EVERYTHING on my phone (which happens to be convenient sometimes but sucks when you have to rely on it for days at a time) I'm so, so, so happy to be able to blog super quickly. Andddd.. add pics :)

These are pretty much random pics. Some from the past weekend.. & some that I had on my phone, of myself, cuz I'm retarded. Enjoy!
The wall behind a monument at City Hall. I saw "Rockwall!"

Trying to get to the turtle. While being molested by the pretty bushes.

I did it! :)

Random. But pretty cool. I thought so anyway.

Really cool bricks around a fountain. There were a lot of them with random things on them.. but this was my favorite. Even though I had to stick my hand in the fountain and throw water on it to make it dark enough for the pic. People think I'm weird.

It's totally a guy's shirt, but I loved it. The pic looks kinda weird cuz I was wearing it. Guys tees = soooo comfy :)

Freakin BADASS shower cap! Favorite purchase of the day!

We're cool. Seriously.

Thaaaat's pretty much it for the weekend pics for now. Now enjoy random pics of my face.
Random pics of Heather's face brought to you by: Heather's boredom at work. And conceitedness.

At work I listen to music and take pictures of myself. I mean, work. At work, I work.

I like sunglasses. And making weird faces.

Sometimes I smile though. My face looks weird in this pic.

If you don't like my weird faces, suck it.

Are you tiiiiired of my face yet? :)

TOO BAD. I'm so hardcore.

Oh, facebook me: facebook.com/heatherhappypants  :)

I'm bored. The end.


  1. teach me how to do my eye make up just like you!

  2. I am in LOVE with the picture of you at work listening to music.