Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rent, spent, tent.. vent?

^piss me offfff!

I have come to understand that there will ALWAYS be people in your life that want to get you down. Whether even THEY realize it or not. Jealousy is a nasty disease and some people are just SICK. What's worse? Sometimes these jealous people are close to you, your "friends". Some people just can't hack it when other people are happy or have things they want. Guess what? I work hard to have the things I have (and when I don't, I go without the things I want. It's called REAL LIFE). If you don't, that's YOUR fault. I don't put up with crap or settle for less than exactly what I want. I deserve to be happy. If you don't, YOUR PROBLEM. Leave me out of your negative issues, Debbie Downer :)

Moving on. This week has brought a lot of clarity to me. I've kinda been in my own little world for most of it, floating around in Happypants land, without a worry in the world. Since my mom is outta town on vacation (Yeah, thanks for just up & leaving your KID.. without telling her where you're going, checking in, or even offering to take her with. RUDE!) I've been house sitting for her and have had a LOT, lot of very chill, alone, down time. Other than having to work during the day, it's kinda felt like a little vaca of my own. I've also done a mini version of spring cleaning in my room/area of her house and that's been.. interesting. I stumbled across a box of pictures, letters, essentially unwanted memories. Let's just say that I've been praying for that "burn party" and cold weather ever since.

For whatever reason, I'm just in one of my "can't get me down" moods. Not sure why, but NOT gonna complain :)  Hope everyone is having a great week!

PS: I kinda realized this blog title is much like my month of January. Rent spent, might be living in a tent. Okay, I thought it was funny..

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