Monday, January 31, 2011

Just keep swimming

I can't believe it's STILL January. Yes, I realize it's the last day.. so technically I can't believe that it's ONLY February. I guess last year went by so fast that I expect time to fly by this year too. It's been a pretty interesting year so far.. hopefully it keeps getting better :)

Today wasn't extremely exciting. I've tried all day long not to blog because apparently I'm addicted (Thanks for that Andrew) but today was just one of those days. Started the new job, which leads me to..


I wanted a second job so I'd be making more money. And a little so I'd have less time on my hands to get in trouble. Epic fail. Not only do I now have this job, I have classes and tests to take too. And I have a feeling the job itself is about to get pretty stressful. If I get sick anytime soon, I'm screwed. I have to keep reminding myself to be more positive.. "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

Luckily I had a short day and came home thinking I was gonna sleep since I only got like 3 hours of sleep last night and barely made it through the 6 hours I was awake. But, me being me, I had a random burst of OCD energy. I decided I wanted to vacuum. That turned into taking the vacuum apart and cleaning it. Which turned into cleaning my room, re-organizing my closet.. and doing all the laundry in my house. I'm the weirdest person I know.

I had HUGE plans for this year. January specifically. And then some things came up and I had to push my plans a little further back. Now it's starting to look like moving to Charleston and having a super fun summer at the beach might not happen. Which really sucks.. but I'm staying positive. I can still pull this off. I'm just gonna have to work/live in zombie mode for the next 2 months. Noooo big deal!

This will be good for me. I won't have time to kill brain cells with four loko so maybe I'll learn something new! When I was 18, just going out on my own for the first time, I thought I'd be at a TOTALLY different place in my life right now. Not that I regret anything.. as crazy as the last couple of years have been, they've been pretty great too. But it's time to start getting my shit at least halfway together. One day at a time. Heeeeere we go..

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