Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Stupid..

I really despise biting my tongue. Even more than that I despise people who frustrate me to the point of having something to bite my tongue about.

I think it would be super bitchy to say what I really mean. Sure, there are ways I could put it nicely.. but when it comes to being nice or being honest, I'd rather take the bitchy road less traveled. I have something rude to say and I wanna say it, damn it. So I'm gonna take my own advice and "blog it out" :)

Dear Stupid Emotionally Attached Guy,

You are not my boyfriend. You are not my friend. You are someone I spend time with when I don't wanna be alone. Someone I sleep next to, but not with (and seriously.. don't even get mad cuz you KNEW that wasn't gonna happen) That is all you are. You have no rights to expectations and you don't own me. So don't get jealous when I hang out with other guys. Don't blow my phone up 6429846261940 times when I don't answer you back. Don't even expect me to answer you in the first place! Most importantly.. stop talking to your friends about me. They're annoying and you're getting there. I expect you to follow these rules without any problems (since you're "soooooo mature") thanks!

Sincerely NOT Yours,


Well.. I feel better.

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