Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pull yourself together, kid.

I'm really taking procrastinating to a whole new level.

This morning I woke up extremely bothered. When it comes to advice, I feel like I'm pretty good at giving the right advice to other people. Taking my own advice, not so much. With friends, when it comes to guys, my advice is usually very straightforward, at times even bitchy. But it's usually what they need to hear. For someone who's so great at giving this honest, straight to the point advice, lately I've been horrible at listening to it myself. So, on the rare occasion that my conscience kicks in and I feel bad about hurting someone's feelings, I'm really glad I have a friend to put things back in perspective for me.

CF: "he's just a boy, geez, not like he's important or anything, fuck em"
HH: "Haha so true"
CF: "how were you a bitch to him?"
HH: "Cuz he was being rly sweet. And I was like "let's not talk, what we're doing doesn't require coversation" And then after he said that was mean, I proceeded to tell him I didn't care about his feelings or his day and just 'shut the fuck up and cuddle'.."
CF: "haha it's funny tho"
HH: "I'm going to hell"
CF: "no feelings right?, he agreed no strings attached.. so he better get his shit together and leave his feelings at home so they dont get stepped on.."

CF: "You are choosing not to see past stupid shit because its not your problem to see past it.. So you're a what? So his feelings got hurt, he needs to grow a pair and stop being a 5 year old. Life's tough, get a helmet. I don't think you're stupid, I think you're a genius. you know what you want and you're not settling for anything less. Go you :) and fuck him"

I needed to hear that. I'm not a bad person, he agreed and he knew what he was getting himself into. No feelings, no strings attached. My philosophy is "Pants on, feelings off".. it works. Thanks for the kick in the ass, friend :)

I wonder what will happen when I meet the guy who changes that. It's gonna be interesting for sure. I'm sure his philosophy will have to be "I am rubber.." cuz I definitely haven't met anyone yet who doesn't take things so personally. Whateverrr :)

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  1. its not us, its them......them and their stupid boy penises.