Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For a while, I've been debating on getting a tattoo and/or getting my lip pierced again. Since I'm trying to be a little more grown up and responsible for work, I've kinda given up on the piercing idea for now. I know I want a bird tattoo but not a huge one.. anyway, these are thoughts:

I like where this one is at, if it was a little smaller.

Again, this one is too big, but I really like the design.

I like the idea of white, or skin tone, ink. You don't have to cover it up for work or anything, I might start out with this color.

I also want to incorporate Psalm 46:10 into the design somewhere too.. but I'm too lazy to actually sit down and draw a design on my own. Any ideas?


  1. You can have the text on a banner draping from the birds mouth?

  2. I loooove the white ink. It looks so good!