Sunday, May 22, 2011


I don't even know where to start.. the past week was a little rough. I have to say it did go by pretty quickly but it was still just stressful enough to make me wanna pull my hair out at the end of every day. Next weekend will be a 3 day weekend for me, which means the week is probably gonna drag by at a glacial pace. Oh well.

This weekend was a disaster to say the least. Saturday night I had agreed to go to a bachelorette party with a friend, as moral support. Her new husband's ex was going to be there and I guess she felt like she might need backup in case, for lack of better words, shit went down. Of course, me being me, I agreed to be the good friend and go along. It might not have been so bad had I not gotten sufficiently drunk by 8 pm and said ex wasn't ugly and pregnant. Biting my tongue is not something I'm good at, nor do I enjoy practicing, but I took one for the team and didn't hit the boring, whiny, pregnant girl.

Anyone who has ever partied with me knows I pretty much never get sick. I mean, I might FEEL like I'm going to get sick, but I hardly ever do. Saturday night.. I got sick. And you would think that would be my cue to stop drinking liquor and start drinking water, right? Nope. Apparently, drunk me thought that meant my stomach made more room for drinks. Winning? I don't think so. So, things went downhill quickly and just kept going.. and going.. and going.

Needless to say, I was useless all day today. I got home around 9 am (WAY too early), then passed back out until about 5. I'm still exhausted and not, in any way, ready for work tomorrow. I am starting to get in a nice little routine though, which makes me feel less stressed about Monday. I'm sure it's gonna be as hectic and tiring as Mondays usually are.. but I need a vacation from my weekend. Seriously.


  1. it just me or is it a little weird for an "ex" to attend anything having to do with the wedding of an "ex"....=/

  2. It wasn't the wedding of an ex.. the girl getting married is mutual friends of both of them.