Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh yeah, they say life goes on..

Let's start this post off by taking a look at my horoscope for today:

Your home and family life may face something of a crisis or turning point today. If you and your partner have not been clear on your future direction, you may find yourselves asking where you want to go from here. A loved one may be dealing with an emotional challenge.

Check.. check.. annnnd.. check. Wow. I'm not loving the truth in this horoscope. I demand some positivity from you, Universe! Okay, moving on..

Today was NOT a good day. Just what I get for being overly optimistic about this week. Positive note? It didn't rain on me while I was wearing a white shirt, no birds pooped on my shoulder, and I didn't split my pants. Yes, I'm now taking the "it could always be worse" approach now. Honestly, what's worse than bird poop? No answers to that, please.

This is gonna be a busy week for me. Which is a good thing, it'll go by quickly. I'm also gonna be dead tired by Friday.. but I am NOT complaining. Busy means productive and productive means happy. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..

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